Contest Details


Tulwe Music is a platform for musicians, singers, bands and solo artists across the globe to showcase their talents and garner points through a global voting system. Tulwe Music is created with a view to reach the remotest of places across the globe.
How to participate: Simply download the Tulwe Music App on your phone, sign up and upload your music video. The participation in the Tulwe Music is free, with a minimum age restrict of 12years. All uploaded songs are available 24/7 on the Tulwe Music app.
Why participate: The purpose of the Tulwe Music contest is to generate fun and creativity for music lovers across the globe. With all the applications available on your smart phones you can easily record and upload your song with a click of a button. The global stage is right in your hands. Come on! Participate and show your talent to the world. You have nothing to lose!
The application is now available for download from Google Play and Apple Store respectively.
Contestants now have the opportunity to record and upload their music until midnight Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the 31st of January 2017.
Starting on 1st February 2017, contestants and users who have downloaded the mobile application will be able to sign on and vote for their favorite music videos when the first round of votes begins. Voting for the first round will be for a period of 24 hours. Thereafter, there will be 4 more rounds of voting with voters having a period of 6 days to vote until the final round which starts on the 16th of March 2017.
Prizes to be won:
Contest Winner: $1 million recording contract from a major record label.
Contestants with a significant number of votes may also be signed on for production. for example.
An Indonesian singer who could not get to the final round, but had several million votes could win a local production contract with Tulwe for the Indonesian market.
A contestant from Nigeria who could not move to an advanced round, but had a significant number of votes from Nigeria could win a production contract for the local Nigerian or African market.
Voters who have been active users of the Tulwe Music App stand the chance to win scholarships for high school or university fees for one year. Note that these scholarships are meant for users from developing countries – a strong commitment by Tulwe towards empowering school children from developing countries.